Flexible sizing

Sold in a user friendly 15 foot "roll" configuration, the consumer simply measures the required length of material and cuts it to length. As a third step, the user inserts the hook and loop strap through one of the included buckles, cinching the strap down and then laps the strap onto itself for a secure hold.

Some of Speedtech’s Maintenance Repair and Operations (MRO) Distributors, like McMaster-Carr Supply Company, feel the product fills a void in the hook and loop fastening category. These distributors market the product as a single component closure system, offering a truly unique alternative to traditional two piece hook and loop strap and by highlighting that numerous applications can be covered with this kit.

Speedtech International’s lead designer, Chris Karnowski explains why this fastening solution was designed.

"By utilizing a hook loop tape where the hook & loop is on the same side, it adheres to itself. You can wrap the hook loop tape around an object, insert it through the buckle, then pull the slack towards you for a cinching and secure hold. No sewn or welded seems to fail and
fully adjustable throughout its entire length. The value of the U-BUNDLE/U-BUCKLE KIT?is that you can create a wide variety of strap lengths to fit your specific application," said Karnowski.

In addition to these benefits, users can create other straps from this kit which are easy to use and reuse and are soft against cables, wires and CAT-5 cabling. The U-BUNDLE/U-BUCKLE KIT?is an environmentally friendly product since there is no waste and it can be reused time after time.

In addition to its flexible sizing, the U-BUNDLE/U-BUCKLE KIT?features a unique self-engaging fastening system with both hook and loop on the same surface. While consumers are just getting accustomed to back-to-back hook and loop cable ties where the hook material is bonded to the loop material, back-to-back, the U-BUNDLE/U-BUCKLE KIT?is a simple, yet highly innovative solution.

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