MH started as a supplier of sewing threads, laces, and other tailoring materials. After years of innovations and developments, MH now provides over 35 products series, ranging from elastic tapes, beads & chains, hook and loop, labels, pads, zippers, buttons, and many more. Each series contains hundreds of items with different styles. For example, MH non-metal button series includes ladies buttons, overcoat buttons, fancy button, shirt button, shell buttons, resin trousers buttons, skirt buckles, leather buttons ….etc., providing buttons with various style, sizes, shapes, and colors. The dazzling lists can satisfy all kinds of demands for sure. In October 2008, MH joined The 12th China International Fashion Trading Fair, exhibiting the latest items that can pep up the market with vigor and texture.

Among garment accessories and tailor material suppliers, only a limited number can achieve a product diversity as Ningbo MH Industry Co., Ltd. Founded in 1999, MH targets at international markets, especially focuses at Europe, North America, Middle East, and Africa. All products are promoted under the trade marks of “MH” and “Twin Birds,” establishing a distinct company image both in domestic or foreign markets. With constant renew of factory equipments and expansion, MH now has three subsidiary trading companies, nine local factories, ten domestic branches, and six overseas offices, enabling MH to serve global clients with fine quality and mass quantity.

As an international trading corporation, MH is equipped with modern office automation, EPD system, and large network to serve all clients. The annual output of MH is as follows: 4,000 tons of polyester threads, 3,000 tons of embroidery threads, 0.1 billion meters of lace, and 0.2 billion meters of ribbons and elastic tapes. No matter buyers in need of mass quantity of tailor material or distinctive garment accessories, MH can always respond to the needs. In the coming season, MH will continue to develop more garment and fabric series, providing the best and the most to global buyers. Keep in track of MH product launches, MH will never let you down.

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